Edible Oils & Ghee

Edible Oils & Ghee


Aashirvaad Pure Ghee


Aashirvaad Svasti Cow Ghee is excellent for Cooking and also stir-frying. It tastes very natural and good quality...


Amul Ghee

Rs449.00 Rs459.00

Clarified Butter or Pure Ghee is a staple in Indian Kitchens. Known to be rich in anti oxidants and trans fat, this product from the house of Amul can be used for cooking and aids people in the weight management process as well. Amul is well known for its wide range of high quality dairy products...


Dalda Sunflower Refined Oil pouch& can

Rs109.00 Rs112.00

Dalda Sunflower Oil is clear and light, like sunshine. It gets the goodness of sunshine to your dining table, making your food yummy and keeping you healthy. Sunflower oil, a fit vegetable oil is rich in polyunsaturated...


Dhara Vegetable Oil


Fortified Its ,Tasty and Healthy ,Free From Argemone Oil ..


Disano Canola Oil


Disano canola oil is low in saturated fats. Has goodness of  omega-3 and. Contains vitamin e. It has light -neutral taste hence does not changes the taste of the preparation. Its ideal for all type of Indian cooking. It has high smoking point so ideal for deep frying as well. It has zero cholesterol..


Fortune Refined Oil


Fortune Soya Health Oil is processed with next-generation High Absorbent Refining Technology (H.A.R.T). So, your everyday meals not only taste better but also make your Bones stronger and your Heart and Eyes healthier...


GRB Ghee


Desi homemade ghee was an integral part of every Indian cuisine, until GRB and Udhayam Ghee entered the market with its product offering… today these two brands have become a staple product across every South-Indian home and is synonyms for purity, aroma and taste. Available in customized packaging sizes as per consumer requirements ..


Idhayam Sesame Oil 500gm


Idhayam Sesame Oil..


Nandni Ghee


Nandini Pure Ghee, made from cow’s milk by adopting traditional procedures and meeting stringent quality standards. A taste of purity. This Special Grade Agmark ghee is quality assured to make foods, sweet dishes, Kheers and sweets flavoursome and mouth watering...


Ruchi Gold Refined Oil


Ruchi Palm oil from the fruit of the palm is physically and chemically different from the either palm kernel oil which is derived from the seed and from coconut oil both of which are highly saturated. Palm oil has been safe and nutritious source of edible oil for healthy humans for thousand of years. ..


Saffola Gold Refined Oil


Are you pushing for a healthy lifestyle even amongst the hustles of the modern days? Today our food habits, stress & activity level affect both our health and heart. But health can also be a part of your life when you find your own way of being healthy. Choose Saffola Gold cooking oil, which partners your journey for a healthy li..


Saffola Total Refined Oil


Saffola is a health care brand consisting of edible oils and foods. Saffola believes that a healthy lifestyle is key to a healthy body & heart. Saffola Total is a blended oil boosted with superior anti-oxidants that proactively manages cholesterol, weight and heart health. Saffola Total is a blend of 70% Rice Bran Oil and 3..


Sagar Ghee


Sagar ghee is an ethnic product made by dairies with decades of experience, and rich source of vitamin A, D, E and K...


Sri Krishna Ghee


Hygienic and traditional ,Manufatured from moder ghee plant,Rich in natural,Contains vitamins and B-carotine ..


Sundrop Refined Oil


Sundrop SuperLite is a 100% Refined Sunflower oil and is synonymous with the brand Sundrop. It enjoys a wide base of loyal customers. It is enriched with Vitamins A, D to provide upto 25% of daily requirements. So when you cook food using Sundrop SuperLite, your family eats well & stays active throughout the day. Sundrop SuperLit..

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