Atta, Flours & Sooji

Atta, Flours & Sooji


Aashirvaad multi grain Atta


From the stable of Indias most trusted Atta brand - Aashirvaad - comes a new variety - Aashirvaad Atta with Multigrains. This all-new variant is designed to provide nourishment for people of all ages and is an integrated mix of six different grains - wheat, soya, channa, oat, maize & psyllium husk - which gives a healthy option f..


Bakehouse Crunchy Bread Crumbs 250 Grams

Rs100.00 Rs120.00

The product name is "Crunchy Bread Crumbs" 250g. 4 months shelf life from the date of packing. Crunchy Texture..


Golden Grain Chakki Atta


Al Baker Chakki Fresh Atta is 100% stone-ground whole wheat flour giving your family a healthy balanced diet. It is processed from selected wheat of high quality that absorbs more water making your rotis and puris softer and tastier. It is also used for traditional Irani Tandoor Whole meal breads. Made from 100% wheat. And with high ..


Ice Maida Ataa


Maida or white flour is an ideal part of any cuisine, including Indian, Chinese and Italian. The maida is sourced from the best of wheat grains, trying to retain optimal fibre value so that you are able to get quality flour, especially with self-rising benefits. ..


Pillbury Multigrain Atta


The pillsbury multigrain atta lets you enjoy the appetizing soft and yummy chapattis made by the atta. It is processed from wheat and multigrain like soy, oats, maize, barley, ragi and chana dal. You can store it in a dry and cool place in air-tight containers to avoid it from getting spoilt or at bay from insects...


Pillsbury Atta


Pillsbury Chakki Atta was introduced in 1998 as a high-quality, nutritious alternative to the age-old tradition of purchasing grain and having it ground at the local Chakki or flour mill. Pillsbury Chakki Fresh Atta is 100 percent whole wheat grain atta with fibre which is important for a healthy digestive system natural ingredi..

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