Disposable Cups & Plates

Disposable Cups & Plates


Really Good Stuff Plastic Desktop Paper Storage Baskets for Classroom Or Home Use Plastic Mesh 14.25 X 10 (Set of 6)

Rs6,999.00 Rs7,208.00

Whether you are looking to organize your classroom or your home, Really Good Stuff Paper Storage Baskets are the perfect choice to contain the clutter, arrange your supplies, and maximize your space. The sturdy and lightweight bins are sized to hold paper flat and secure, but also durable for things like crayons, scissors, spice jars and other smal..


2x500 : Hanamal Bamboo Wooden Toothpicks 2 packs of 500 pcs = 1000 pcs

Rs999.00 Rs1,170.00

Made of all white bamboo, these toothpicks are incredibly solid, smooth, and burr free; and they are less likely to splinter during use. With no added flavor or color, these plain toothpicks are sure to meet your every need. Clean between your teeth, spear a bit of ahi tuna, or scrape away remnants under the rim of your pot; always k..


Adaaya Farms - Simply Urbane Natural Palm Leaf Round Quarter Plates


A 100% naturally made eco friendly disposable Round Plate party table ware that is sustainably manufactured (made of Palm trees) and can be responsibly returned to your composite bin, as food for cow or as organic manure...


Adaaya Farms Natural Palm Leaf Square Quarter Plates multicolour


A 100% naturally made eco friendly disposable square quarter plate party table ware that is sustainably manufactured (made of Palm trees), as food for cow or as organic manure...


Anuna Pack Of Three Bamboo Fruit & Vegetable Basket (Yellow)

Rs1,339.00 Rs1,500.00

These baskets are made by hardworking and skilled workers who make these eco-friendly durable products with a sturdy handle. These Handcrafted baskets are best for home and kitchen embellishment and makes your feasting table look increasingly alluring. Keeps products of the soil helpfully in the kitchen or on the eating table. It can likewise be ut..


Bamboo Cocktail Picks


Spearing an olive or cherry in a drink, these cocktail picks added so much extra visually to the drinks. No beads come off! Many guests complimented them...


Bamboo Decorative


Bamboo Decorative..


Bamboo paddle cocktail


Great for any appetizer or cocktail garnish service, the BarConicĀ® Paddle Cocktail Picks are a decorative and useful way to present your food or drinks. The cocktail picks are made of high quality bamboo material, which is more durable than ordinary wood cocktail picks. The unique paddle detail at the top gives the picks a quality touch..


BirdRock Home Bamboo Steamer

Rs7,999.00 Rs8,113.00

Aluminium Foil, Clingwrap..


Carnival dots paper plates

Rs509.00 Rs537.00

Versatile and funky polka dot paper plates, a fun addition to a variety of celebrations. Featuring a multi-coloured dot design against a white background, these stylish plates lend themselves to everything from children's birthday parties to Christenings..


Disposable Plastic Cutlery


A)Heavy weight with excellent quality B)Made with high quality polystyrene (PS) C)Durable & unbreakable D)Comfortable grip E)Cold & heat resistant F)Available in unwrapped or individual wrapped G)Choice of any color H)Selection include knife, spoon and fork I)OEM service and customer designs are hi..


disposable plates coming in silver and coloured paper


disposable plates coming in silver and coloured paper offering the best quality range of 9 Inch Silver Paper ..


Ezee Silver Coated Paper Plate


Ezee Silver Coated Paper Plate..


Fackelmann Toothpicks Wood


Fackelmann Toothpicks Wood products are extremely durable material makes it resistant to high heat and usage levels. Made to use every day for your meal preparations. It is anti-rust and extremely durable, ideal for households that cook regularly...


Flexible Drinking Straws


150 Pc Long Flexible Drinking Straws Party Bar Drinking Supplies Plastic Bendy !!   ..

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